2014-11-27 13:32:30 by BefishProductions

Hey guys! So I got some feedback on my game that I was very happy with. I'd love tohear your guys's suggestions for new games, or animations, or something. I'm working on my first animation to post here, and hopefull you guys will like it! 

Hello.... Again

2014-11-20 19:08:27 by BefishProductions

So, I made this account, posted something, than forgot it existed. 


Hello, I am Befish! Sarah Befish~ 

That's pretty much my intro

Have a good day!


2014-08-03 17:11:26 by BefishProductions

Well hello everybody! My name is Sarah, and I'm in charge of BefishProductions! I'm new here on NewGrounds, and I'll be posting a new game I'm working on soon! Thanks lots for reading! See you all soon!